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Contract Work

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Sometimes it’s hard to get a feel from the customer on their expectation for the cost on a job. It could be a window replacement on the 30th floor of a high rise, re-blacktopping a driveway, or repairing a doorway. There’s nothing worse than when the customer thinks it’s a $500 job and in reality, it’s $10,000.

While this isn’t necessarily the fault of the customer, you still had to spend the time to send a crew out there to do an estimate. We don’t see Claimpix as a way to get 100% accurate pricing, it can help get that +/-20% estimate to a customer to make sure you’re in the same ballpark before spending the time to go out there.



Four people with headsets on in a call center

Sign up for and use the ClaimPix portal to send your customers a link.

Hand holding a phone taking a picture of a damaged car

Your customers use that link to take and upload photos.

Smiling person on a cell phone call sitting in front of a computer and writing.

Your team reviews those images and proceeds accordingly.




How long does it take to get ClaimPIX up and running?2024-03-20T22:44:21-06:00

The process can go as fast or slow as necessary. From a technology side, set up can be completed in under five minutes. However, the best success typically comes from a thorough training and onboarding process with key stakeholders and employees.

How does the training and on boarding work?2024-03-20T22:44:31-06:00

ClaimPix offers onsite training for the platform. All employees can be trained, but it is most beneficial to utilize a “train the trainer” type process. Often there are questions and things that come up in the training process that pertain to internal processes which often times companies prefer to hash out at the management level. Success is based on organizations being able to use this platform to the best of their ability. Staying in front of users and helping them use the product is preferred.

How do pricing and contracts work?2024-03-20T22:44:37-06:00

The goal is to make sure that these uploaded photos add value, and sometimes a customer might not send the photos in at all. The pricing is based on a per unit (link received from the customer) basis. For example, requests were sent to 100 customers, and 50 customers sent photos back, the charge would only be for 50 customers. The contract is simple and being charged on a per-use process; there is no long-term commitment. Access to all the customer data and photos is always available.

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