CHICAGO, IL – Available today, ClaimPix, a fast and convenient self-service photo platform, allows users to upload photos and gather information from the field to help file faster claims without having to deploy an appraiser on site. The platform can be used for auto, home, boat, and ATV claims.

“Based on our insurance industry expertise and technological capabilities, we knew we could improve the claims process for carriers and their customers,” Connor Lind, President of ClaimPix said. “Our simple platform only takes five-minutes for a company to implement and can scale from a one-person operation to a 500 person call center and beyond. ClaimPix is a simple and highly effective tool businesses can use to assist them in competing in a dynamic marketplace.”

ClaimPix assists in improving business processing, reducing costs, increasing speed, and mitigating the risks of fraud. It allows businesses to adapt to shifting
circumstances, both strategically and operationally and can help differentiate them in the market.

Insurance Carrier Benefits:

  • Quick and easy set up
  • No IT integration or installation needed
  • Fully customizable
  • Up and running in under two (2) minutes

Claims/Call Center Benefits:

  • FNOL sends web-based links via text/email
  • No 3rd party app to download
  • Instant image uploads and downloads
  • Image file options available for download (JPG, ZIP, and PDF)

ClaimPix is currently being used in insurance claims processing, vehicle transportation for damage inspections, and bill of lading receipts. To learn more, please visit

About ClaimPix

Founded in 2017, ClaimPix was created by a team of auto insurance professionals with backgrounds in technology and sales who wanted to simplify the insurance claims process through the use of intuitive technology. ClaimPix is currently being used in the insurance claims process, vehicle transportation for damage inspections, and bill of lading receipts. Visit to explore the possibilities for your company today.