As a part of the insurance community, we pledge to do our part to support and assist those affected by natural disasters. We are in a position to help insurance carriers and their customers impacted by hurricanes by providing free claims assistance.
ClaimPix helped thousands of customers in 2017 when Hurricane Harvey landed in Houston and this year has helped many victims on the east coast assess their damage from Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael.
We remain aligned with insurance carriers’ priorities and understand keeping customers and appraisers safe, streamlining the claims process and quickly deploying salvage and repair efforts is foremost on your mind. ClaimPix will continue to provide our service free of charge to insurance carriers during hurricane season, so they can focus on keeping their people and customers safe.
ClaimPix, a self-service photo platform, allows policyholders to upload photos from the field to help file faster claims without having to deploy an appraiser on site. It can be used for auto, home, boat, ATV and many other claim products

Catastrophic Benefits:

  • Real-time on the ground data
  • Access to answers for executive/investor questions
  • Total loss and exposure indications with a 360-degree view
  • Safe appraisal process
  • Quick claim estimates
  • Fast vehicle salvage process


Quick and Easy Setup for Carriers:

  • No IT integration or installation needed
  • Fully customizable
  • Up and running in under two (2) minutes


Claims/Call Center Benefits:

  • FNOL sends web-based links via text/email
  • No 3rd party app to download
  • Instant image uploads and downloads
  • Image file options available for download (JPG, ZIP,
    and PDF)
  • Easy to use dashboard shows status and claim details
  • Appraisal assignment included